Artist’s    and  sample  Work         


Jan Favia  studied Multi Media Arts and Art Therapy at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (MFA), and Art  Education at St Xavier U.(BA).

While teaching in Chicago Public Schools, Jan Favia began integrating yoga into the curriculum in 1993.

A 20 year yoga practitioner of Hatha Yoga,  Jan is a member of Thai  Healing Alliance. She is Founder and Director of The Forum for Creative Study, formerly a high school and presently a learning and resource center for the Arts and Sustainable Living.

Trained in Hatha and Structural Yoga, Jan emphasizes the basics of alignment, while breath and meditation invites the groundwork for personal practice.


Lea Giblin has studied natural building with teachers from

the U.S. and Palestine including Albert Bates from The Farm, in Tennessee and with Andy Mahler in collaboration with Indiana University and Murad Al Khufash from Palestine or  Lia earned her perma-culture teaching certificate in June of 2006.  Lea and Jan Favia are currently working on a cob structure /sweat lodge next to The Forum.

Our dear friend and colleague Blanca Robledo Atwood was born back to eternity in the changing and tranforming season of Autumn, 2016.  With her husband, the love of her life, David Atwood, Blanca returned to her home in Colombia.

Blanca was a true friend to the Forum, as well as other community organizations surving art, community and peace.

A graduate from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Medellín, Blanca studied art, humanities, marketing, media buying, and graphic design.

While working at a local advertising agency, and studying English , she met David.  They married in 1998

and later  emigrated to Chicago where her design resourced were valued by the Hispanic Market. Blanca enrolled Truman College and returned to her other love, Ceramics! Now, after more than 12 years in the field of advertising, Blanca enjoys freelancing from home for Hispanic agencies and local businesses.  From Lill Street, to Beverly Art Center (where she worked with Tom Hill), she continues to throw pots and works at hand building.

Artist’s Work, A Sampling



Ernest Williams discovered Tango in Monterey, California under the tutelage of Argentinian Fernando Filippelli in the year 2000. He continued his education and collaboration in Montevideo, Uraguay and Buenos Aires.

Ernest Teaches and presents workshops internationally and in the US.

He’s taught in Honolulu, San Francisco, Philadelphia, New York City,  D.C., Minneapolis, Nashville, Raleigh, N.C...and more

His back-round includes various aspects of tango including salon, nuevo, canyengue and candombe, though his focus centers on close embrace and social tango.

                His approach has been described as,

                                 “...unique, clear, and revealing.”


SUGAR in the RAW

South Side Urban Soul , the this threesome spins both their original tunes along with all the song you been waiting to hear. Back-up base and drums are filled in by members from The Sam Sinclair Trio, Brendan McAlinden, Dan Cantone and  Colin O’Malley.